About the Blog

Heather Homemade started in 2011, as a birthday gift from my husband, so I had a better way to share my favorite recipes and food photos with family and friends.  However, I have been cooking and baking since before I can remember. Here you will find my favorite recipes, family recipes, occasional restaurant recreations, and anything food or beverage related that I think worthy of sharing.


About Heather

I grew up in a suburb of Rochester, New York, home of the famous/infamous Garbage Plate. I am a Packaging Engineer living in Ohio Pennsylvania with my husband, Mike, and our dog Aida.  Mike and I met in college, and have been married since 2010; we love to travel and see new places whenever we have the opportunity.  When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my free time reading recipes, cooking, baking, or thinking about what I will be making next.

Some of my favorite foods are chocolate, mashed potatoes, anything almond, cheese, artichokes and fettucine alfredo. Recently acquired tastes – coffee without insane amounts of sugar and cilantro; cilantro being quite the big win.  Food aversions I almost certainly won’t overcome – organ and feet meats, raw oysters, margarine.


Heather Homemade’s Line-up

Heather –  Food / Photography / Words

Mike –  Blog and Tech Support / Taste Tester 

Aida –  Spill and Floor Clean-up / Dishwasher “Pre-Rinse” / Foot-warmer 



Questions or Comments that are unrelated to a post? You can reach me at:

 heatherhomemade [at] gmail [dot] com